How PVM Batch Cooking Works

Project Vibrancy Meals are based on my system of batch cooking.

What is this magic? Batch cooking involves spending a few hours one day a week cooking, prepping, and storing easy-to-prepare proteins, vegetables, starches, and condiments to eat in various combinations all week long.

Basically, batch cooking is the secret sauce for healthy eating and I’m going to teach you how to not just do it but LOVE it. If cooking has become a chore for you, I can’t wait for you to rekindle the fun and satisfaction that comes from sharing simple and beautiful meals that nourish and heal.

What sets Project Vibrancy Meals apart from other meal plans is adaptability. Basically, adaptability is how you feed a family without turning into a short-order cook.

Perhaps you follow a paleo template but your family can eat grains and dairy? Substitutions and suggestions are written into the plan - in a lot of detail, including the shopping list and each individual recipe. Perhaps you’ve been following AIP for awhile and are reintroducing foods? Project Vibrancy Meals makes is easy to customize based on exactly what you can eat.

With an emphasis on a bounty of vegetables, layers of bold flavors, detailed instructions for dietary restrictions, and what I jokingly call the rhythm method (each day of the week is in the same category across a week), Project Vibrancy Meals are so much more than recipes.

Project Vibrancy Sample

Imagine knowing your fridge is full of ready-to-eat, healthy and delicious food. With a good plan, this can be true, and you can let go of stress, save time and money, and eat beautifully. All the wins!

With each Project Vibrancy Meals meal plan you’ll receive a downloadable PDF that outlines:

You’ll also have access to a private Project Vibrancy Meals Facebook community for asking questions as well as sharing additional recipes, holiday dishes, healthy treats, and cooking and appliance tips.