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Are Project Vibrancy Meals for you?

Have you discovered that food reactions are compromising your health?
Do you love food and cooking but you’re not sure how to plan meals around food restrictions?
Are you too busy to research fun recipes, make shopping lists, and cook from scratch every night?
Are you wasting precious food dollars buying food that you don’t cook?

If you've said yes to any of these questions, then Project Vibrancy Meals are for you!

I suspect that you start the week with great intentions
and a lot of healthy groceries.
But without a plan:
You’re overwhelmed by meal planning around dietary restrictions.
You’re too tired at the end of the day to figure out what to make on the fly.
When you do cook, you and your family are bored with the same 5 meals.
You fall into short-order-cook syndrome, making different dishes for different loved ones.
You fall back on packaged foods and take-out which you don’t feel good about eating.
Those packaged foods and take-out contribute to health problems.
The fresh food you buy goes uneaten and is wasted.
Dinnertime is stressful instead of relaxing.

How I make dinner time delicious and even fun...

To manage my own autoimmune disease and food restrictions, in 2010 I shifted the focus of my blog Fresh Tart to gluten-free, paleo, allergy-free, and autoimmune-friendly recipes.

But compromising flavor was not an option for me - I love great food and I love cooking. For 5 years, I wrote a magazine column sharing chef’s recipes and techniques for the home cook, which led to writing a cookbook called Twin Cities Chef’s Table. I spent a year interviewing Minneapolis/St. Paul top chefs and sharing their recipes. More than any cooking class, my chef friends have taught (still teach!) me how to make simple, fresh food taste amazing and I started building layers of flavor into my healing recipes.

The more I healed and regained my energy (thank you AIP!), the more fun recipes I developed and shared, and the more requests I had to put the recipes together into a whole system that my readers could use each week that includes:
  • A shopping list.
  • Batch cook recipes for working ahead.
  • Instructions for streamlined clean up and food storage.
  • Quick weekday recipes for putting together fast and amazing meals with batch cooked components.
  • Lots of substitution options for customizing menus for various dietary restrictions (food allergies, autoimmune protocol and reintroductions, Whole30, etc.).
  • A focus on food that tastes seriously FANTASTIC and makes healthy eating exciting!

I started creating custom meal plans for clients and they were so well received, I decided to make them more widely available by offering them online so that anyone who loves great food but is challenged by food restrictions and busy lives can make fast, healthy, flavorful meals at home.

I named the meal plans Project Vibrancy Meals (I just love the word vibrancy - to me it means energy and fun and health, all the things I want us all to share) and started offering them in September of 2017.

I am thrilled to say Project Vibrancy Meals are working magic for
people all over the world and they can work for you too!

PVM Love

"What I didn't realize is that not only was I getting the meal plan, grocery list, tasty recipes, etc., I was also getting my sanity back as well as time with my family. That might sound a little dramatic, but meal planning, cooking, and dinnertime was a constant stress and strain on all of us. Now that we're doing Project Vibrancy Meals, we actually enjoy cooking and eating together. During the week, my non-cooking husband has actually been able to help out with assembling and preparing the meals since everything is ready to go. We have fewer dishes to clean up at the end of the night so we can actually enjoy our evening time together. And my kids are gobbling up everything on their plates and I know they're getting healthy, nutritious nourishment. My son’s asthma symptoms have gotten much better and we're all feeling more energized and renewed." - Lora

"I signed up for Project Vibrancy Meals in January, and I LOVE it. It keeps me on track with meal planning, takes the guesswork out of my grocery run, and has opened up a lot of mental space I would typically spend on 'what should I make for dinner tonight?' The members' Facebook group is fun, motivating, and helpful - a kitchen coach at your fingertips! And most importantly, the recipes are all incredibly delicious and AIP!! My huband and school-age kids love the variety of flavors. I can't recommend PVM highly enough." - Wendy

"I am literally amazed watching my 3-year old and 1-year old eat this food up. My 3-year old was the pickiest eater ever and she has been cleaning her plates full of goodness." - Emily

"Stephanie A. Meyer has created meal plans that also include modification instructions for AIP and Whole30. She really thought of every detail: provides shopping lists, gives batch cooking instrucitons so that you can minimize prep during the week, switches up recipes so that you get to experience many flavor profiles, and maximizes your groceries so you can actually eat what you buy. Besides all of that, the end product is beautiful, healthy food that you'll love. I've been doing this plan for 35 weeks and I continue to be amazed at the quality of the weekly plans." - Michele

"I've always been interested in trying AIP but the task seemed daunting...Project Vibrancy Meals gave me a plan that was easy to use and has given me another tool in my autoimmune disease toolkit!" - Amanda

Join the community

When you sign up for Project Vibrancy Meals, you’ll join me personally and an interactive and knowledgable community of other busy families who love sharing healing, fantastic meals together.

You will breeze through the grocery store or online with a well-organized list that accommodates your food restrictions and dietary needs.
You will batch cook and efficiently store enough food for the week.
You will use the high-quality ingredients that you buy and stop wasting money.
You will quickly pull together seriously delicious and nutritious meals all week long.
You will enjoy dinnertime the way it’s meant to be enjoyed: spending time with loved ones.
You'll be nourishing your body and savoring foods that you love.
You will be an active participant in improving your health and the health of those you love.
You will teach your children the gift of healthy eating.

You have a choice to make. Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all, which is crazy-making, right?!). You know where that leads: Eating food that harms instead of heals. Wasting money on takeout and unused groceries. Buying cookbooks and perusing blogs without time to map out plans each week. Feeling guilty about not making the changes you’d like to make.

Or, you can take a new path and get a new result! Let me help you get really, really good at putting healthy meals that you and your family will love on the table every night. Let me help you reconnect with all that is wonderful about cooking, sharing, and eating a bounty of nourishing, healing foods. Let me introduce you to a community of health warriors who are conquering the same challenges you face.

I think every season is the best season for
renewal and positive change

If you’re like the average American family, you spend more $10,000 on food each year, a fair amount of which is wasted or not contributing to health and vitality. For less than a dollar per day, you can save money by eating the food you buy and actually improve your health and life in the process.

"The cost held me back at first, but in a few short weeks, the money I’ve saved by eating in and not wasting food has already paid for the subscription! Super bonus is delicious meals with 100% AIP compliant for me and a family eating way more veggies." - Christine

Why am I offering such a high quality product for such a low price?

Because I want to create a movement of passionate, vibrant, healthy families who are changing their lives through cooking real food. That’s how much I believe in the power of cooking! I love creating and sharing Project Vibrancy Meals and would be thrilled to have you join our community.

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Kickass Condiments
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