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About Healing Green Broth
It happens to ALL of us.

We commit to cooking and eating nourishing, fresh foods and head for the grocery store. We fill our fridge with whole and nutritious ingredients. It feels GOOD to have so many vegetables, fruits, and proteins on hand.

We make one or two healthy meals. Then we get slammed with work, evening activities, and end-of-week exhaustion.

It starts to feel overwhelming (and wasteful) to have a fridge full of food without a plan for eating it. It starts to get boring eating the same meal over and over again. It starts to be tiring to decide what to do with all of these ingredients

The truth is that sometimes we just need someone to tell us what to buy and how to cook simple, healthy, and delicious meals.

And that’s why I’ve created Project Vibrancy Meals.

"This has been exactly what I need: just tell me what to cook! I adore Stephanie's recipes because they result in introducing new foods that my kids will actually eat. I’ve learned so many new ways to prepare delicious vegetables." - Joy
Stephanie A. Meyer
Why Project Vibrancy?

To me, vibrancy encompasses the very foundation of wellness. It’s the energy, joy, connection, vitality, and glow that starts with providing our bodies a bounty of nutrient-dense foods. You’ll quickly see that Project Vibrancy Meals fall very firmly in the camp of adding nutrients vs. eliminating foods.

The truth is that amazing things happen when our bodies are well nourished and there’s one proven way to consistently get there: cooking at home with fresh ingredients.

But how to make the time for it in a busy life?

I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease in 2010 and I had to get very serious about eating nutrient-dense foods every day. I turned all of my attention to developing, and then sharing and teaching the paleo/gluten-free/nutritious recipes I was creating. I figured out a way to feed my family while working and managing my health by creating and utilizing a system for putting delicious, real food meals on the table most days of the week.

How Project Vibrancy Meals Work

Project Vibrancy Meals are based on my system of batch cooking. What is this magic? Batch cooking involves spending a few hours one day a week cooking, prepping, and storing proteins, vegetables, starches, and condiments to eat in various combinations all week long.

Basically, batch cooking is the secret sauce for healthy eating and I’m going to teach you how to not just do it but LOVE it. If cooking has become a chore for you, I can’t wait for you to rekindle the fun and satisfaction that comes from sharing simple and beautiful meals.

What sets Project Vibrancy Meals apart from other meal plans is an emphasis on a bounty of vegetables, layers of bold flavors, detailed customization instructions for dietary restrictions, and what I jokingly call the rhythm method, as in, you’ll notice that each day of the week is in the same category across a week.

Project Vibrancy Sample

Within the ease of that framework, however, you’ll find a lot of variety, deliciousness, and tips for deconstructing the meals for picky eaters.

With a good plan, you can let go of stress, save time and money, and eat deliciously. All the wins!

With each Project Vibrancy Meals meal plan you’ll receive a downloadable PDF that outlines:

You’ll also have access to a private Project Vibrancy Meals Facebook community for asking questions as well as sharing additional recipes, holiday menus, healthy treats, and cooking and appliance tips.


Q: How many does each meal plan serve?
A: Each meal plan serves 2 adults generously.

Q: What does paleo/gluten-free mean exactly?
A: By my definition, paleo means whole, fresh foods, based on a dairy-free, legume-free, gluten-free template. These recipes do include white potatoes, optional dairy, and occasionally optional gluten-free grains like rice or quinoa (always with dairy-free and gluten-free substitutions noted).

Q: What if my family doesn’t eat pork?
A: Pork substitutions are noted in each meal plan, in the shopping list and in recipes.

Q: What if I follow the autoimmune protocol (AIP) or Whole30?
A: AIP and Whole30 substitutions are clearly noted in each meal plan, within the shopping list as well as within the recipes.

Q: Do you provide Instant Pot instructions?
A: Yes, where an Instant Pot would be most handy, i.e. for braising meats and making broth. If you don’t have an Instant Pot, don’t worry; all of the recipes also include stovetop and oven instructions.

"This is a challenge for people who want to add health to their lives, not subtract favorite foods. It's deliciously habit forming." - Etta
Let's Do This Together!
With Project Vibrancy Meals, you can let go of stress, save time and money, and eat deliciously.
Project Vibrancy Meal Plans include:
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