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Kickass Condiments
20+ Little Recipes That Change Everything
Stephanie A. Meyer

Be a genius in your kitchen with these healthy secret weapons of zing!

When I say they change everything, I mean they change EVERYTHING.


Picture yourself, standing in front of your open fridge, hungry, tired, and staring at a bunch of ingredients that 1. you’re not sure what to do with, and/or 2. you’re so bored with eating.

But then, you spy a jar of ginger scallion sauce. Ooh!

Now that random leftover chicken and half a head of broccoli have serious possibilities. Stir-fry the broccoli in some ginger-scallion sauce, dice and add the chicken to warm through, toss in some nuts (if you can eat them), serve over rice or cauliflower rice. Add more ginger scallion sauce to finish, of course. Fast flavor explosion! Delicious and nutritious! You saved money, you nourished your body, you didn’t eat junk.

Repeat most days of the week and I promise, you will change your health, your energy, your budget…everything.

It really can be that simple.

Here’s what you'll get with
Kickass Condiments:
  • 20+ kickass, super simple recipes in PDF format
  • Recipes for Avocado Caesar Dressing, Caramelized Onions, Carrot Ginger Sauce, Cilantro Mint Pesto, Maple Ginger Vinaigrette, "Peanut" Sauce, Roasted Pineapple Salsa, and many other favorites from Project Vibrancy Meals meal plans.
  • Nutritious sauces that are packed with fresh herbs, spices, and healthy fats that are Paleo/Autoimmune Protocol/Whole30-compliant.
  • Instructions for using condiments to transform plain ingredients into amazing, healthy, fast MEALS.
  • Storage instructions.
  • Photos of each condiment.
  • YOU, finally eating real, fresh food at home and meeting your health goals.
That’s $29 worth of content available for so much less!
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