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About Healing Green Broth
Stephanie A. Meyer
It happens to ALL of us.

Stymied by AIP/Whole30/Paleo Meal Planning? Not sure how to amp up the yum and tone down the dinner-time stress?

Listen, I feel your frustration.

I started out overwhelmed and confused myself...Whether you are diagnosed with autoimmune disease (like I am) or you’re just trying to eat healthier, whole, real foods, figuring out what’s for dinner can feel like quantum physics.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. You can have fast, healthy dinners. You can work ahead and eliminate “what’s for dinner” pondering.

It IS possible! You just need a plan!

Perhaps you’re like me and you have no choice but to change the way you eat. When I was diagnosed in 2010, I stopped eating gluten and grains. It made a HUGE difference in my life, health, energy, appearance…basically in all of the ways.

But due to an intensely stressful series of events in 2013 (divorce while writing a cookbook, good times), I turned to the autoimmune protocol (AIP) to help me overcome a relapse and get my health back on track. I followed AIP strictly for a year, then slowly reintroduced many foods.

Thanks in large part to deeply nutritious, anti-inflammatory food, I’m currently in remission and enjoying a bountiful diet (minus chiles, coconut, and gluten). But the unexpected gift of my (otherwise stingy) autoimmune disease is that food has LITERALLY become my medicine, and that’s the most powerful, life-changing thing imaginable.

I’ll be honest and tell you, when I first gave up some of my favorite foods, I grieved. Real, ugly, crying grief. It felt unfair and like too much extra work.

And then I did what we all do when life gets real: I figured it out.

I’d been developing and writing recipes professionally for four years before I gave up gluten and grains and seven years before I embarked on AIP.

In other words, I knew my way around a kitchen.

I decided to make a healing diet fun and delicious for myself and that’s exactly what happened. You know what else happened? I got better and faster at meal prep, I met a million new friends, and in the end, it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. In fact, it led to creating Project Vibrancy Meals.

I’m not saying that changing the way you eat is going to remake your life the way it did for me. My health demanded that I changed the way I ate, and you might “just” be wanting to eat more real food, or deeply nourish your children, or decrease your stress at meal times, or eat really delicious food on your own and/or with your loved ones.

But I can say this: like all important things – and I’m pretty sure that providing ourselves with delicious nutrients is one of the very most important things we do for our families or ourselves – it takes a PLAN to get where we want to go, especially when time is limited.

Look, we have ALL made a box dinner or picked up the phone and ordered takeout, even with good intentions and a fridge full of healthy ingredients. Regularly. Don’t beat yourself up for that: it takes brain power at the end of a day to plan a meal on the fly and who has brainpower at 5:30 pm? No one!

But with a plan, you already know what you’re going to have for dinner before you even get there. In fact, while sitting in traffic, you look forward to it! (Plantain tortillas tacos with braised beef, avocado, and salsa verde....yay!)

The truth is that it’s OK to ask for help. Why do we not ask for help? I resist asking too and then when I finally do, I wonder what took me so long. Project Vibrancy Meals meal plans are the help you’ve hesitated to ask for.

"This has been exactly what I need: just tell me what to cook! I adore Stephanie's recipes because they result in introducing new foods that my kids will actually eat. I’ve learned so many new ways to prepare delicious vegetables."

- Joy, wife and working mother of two

How Project Vibrancy Meals Work

Project Vibrancy Meals are based on my system of batch cooking. What is this magic? Batch cooking involves spending a few hours one day a week cooking, prepping, and storing easy-to-prepare proteins, vegetables, starches, and condiments to eat in various combinations all week long.

Basically, batch cooking is the secret sauce for healthy eating and I’m going to teach you how to not just do it but LOVE it. If cooking has become a chore for you, I can’t wait for you to rekindle the fun and satisfaction that comes from sharing simple and beautiful meals that nourish and heal.

What sets Project Vibrancy Meals apart from other meal plans is adaptability. Basically, adaptability is how you feed a family without turning into a short-order cook.

Perhaps you follow a paleo template but your family can eat grains and dairy? Substitutions and suggestions are written into the plan - in a lot of detail, including the shopping list and each individual recipe. Perhaps you’ve been following AIP for awhile and are reintroducing foods? Project Vibrancy Meals makes is easy to customize based on exactly what you can eat.

With an emphasis on a bounty of vegetables, layers of bold flavors, detailed instructions for dietary restrictions, and what I jokingly call the rhythm method (each day of the week is in the same category across a week), Project Vibrancy Meals are so much more than recipes.

Project Vibrancy Sample

Imagine knowing your fridge is full of ready-to-eat, healthy and delicious food. With a good plan, this can be true, and you can let go of stress, save time and money, and eat beautifully. All the wins!

With each Project Vibrancy Meals meal plan you’ll receive a downloadable PDF that outlines:

You’ll also have access to a private Project Vibrancy Meals Facebook community for asking questions as well as sharing additional recipes, holiday dishes, healthy treats, and cooking and appliance tips.


Q: How many does each meal plan serve?
A: Each meal plan serves 2 adults generously.

Q: What if I’m only going to eat dinner at home 4 nights per week?
A: Take extra food to work for fantastic lunches or cook part of the plan. It’s yours to use as you choose!

Q: What does paleo/gluten-free mean exactly?
A: By my definition, paleo means whole, fresh foods, based on a dairy-free, legume-free, gluten-free template. These recipes provide options for white potatoes, dairy, and occasionally gluten-free grains like rice or quinoa (always with dairy-free and gluten-free options and instructions also noted).

Q: What if my family doesn’t eat pork?
A: Pork substitutions are noted in each meal plan, in the shopping list, and in recipes.

Q: What if I follow the autoimmune protocol (AIP) or Whole30?
A: AIP and Whole30 instructions are clearly noted in each meal plan, within the shopping list as well as within the recipes.

Q: Do you provide Instant Pot instructions?
A: Yes, where an Instant Pot would be most handy, i.e. for braising meats and making broth. If you don’t have an Instant Pot, don’t worry; all of the recipes also include stovetop and oven instructions.

"We’ve tried meal planning, only to have leftovers we never use that end up as food waste. Weekly boxes are expensive, and while convenient and delicious, they only provide you with three days of foods and are very hard to customize to your preferences and dietary restrictions. Project Vibrancy Meals are a weekly lifesaver. The meals are filling, delicious and a snap to prepare, not to mention we never have to sacrifice quality for convenience. I wait for next week’s meals with baited breath, and the sauces...oh the SAUCES! PVM is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER."
- Kate, wife and working mother of three

Why am I delivering so much detailed deliciousness for less than a dollar a day?

Honestly, I want Project Vibrancy Meals to help as many people as possible improve their health and lives by reconnecting with cooking at home. And the easiest way that I can do that is through word-of-mouth. Happy, healthy people can’t stop themselves from spreading the word!

The average American household spends more than $6,000 a year on groceries (and another $4,000 more on eating out). That’s a lot of money, so I’ve taken the time to make Project Vibrancy Meals so clear, informative, and adaptable that you really (really!) use the fresh food you buy (and spend less money in restaurants). Basically, I want having the help and support of Project Vibrancy Meals to seem like a steal.

Since launching on September 1, I’ve been offering the plans for just $289/year or $29/month to get them out into the world.

To show my appreciation for your interest in Project Vibrancy Meals, here is my 3-month discounted offer!

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  • Step-by-step instructions for cooks at every level
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Private Facebook community for expert advice, friendly support, and bonus recipes!
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