Ready to bust out of ruts and
make healthy habit changes that stick?
I’ve been talking with you for years about what’s going on with the food in your lives, and I know that so many of you still:
  • Struggle with multiple food sensitivities and frustration that you’ve been unable to untangle the root causes.
  • Feel overwhelmed with the deluge of information available online.
  • Feel alone with your eating style, have questions about how to proceed, and want to know how to find a good practitioner.
  • Struggle with finding the motivation to stick to eating the foods you know make you heal and feel better.

I’ve been working one-on-one with clients for years, but I’m excited to announce I’m now offering Project Vibrancy Coaching - an intimate group coaching program to expand the breadth and depth of Project Vibrancy Meals...and teach you everything I’ve learned along the way.

In our 12 weeks we will have a once weekly face-to-face group coaching "call" where I will walk you through:
  • How to implement Project Vibrancy Meals, my batch cooking, meal planning MAGIC that takes all the work out of making consistently safe and delicious meals.
  • Digging deeper into food sensitivities and root causes.
  • Understanding the cornerstones of healing including gut health and good sleep.
  • Motivation, encouragement, accountability, and how to make the changes most important to you stick!
  • Finding good practitioners.
  • Regaining a social life and even eating well in restaurants again.
  • Feeding a picky or not-on-board family.
  • Conducting an elimination diet, including food journaling and proper reintroductions so you learn as much as possible.
  • And so much more!

How will the "calls" take place?
I’ll be using an online app called Zoom, which is free, and available for both mobile devices and computers/desktop. I’ll provide you a link each week so you only need to click once to join our call; once there, you’ll see my face and the faces of the other participants. If you can’t make the call, you can watch it on your own afterward.

When will the calls take place?
I alternate between two days and times to accommodate different schedules and time zones. If you can’t make a call live, no worries. All calls will be recorded and, you can always review them afterward.

How will the coaching fit with Project Vibrancy Meals?
First, if you’re new to PVM you’re in for a real treat! Project Vibrancy Meal plans will be emailed to you each week on Thursday evenings. You’ll receive a shopping list, batch cooking recipes for the weekend, and fast weeknight recipes for pulling meals together.

We will talk through customizing PVM for your family’s unique groove and preferences, which equipment is worth investing in, and sharing tips for storage, travel, entertaining, and holidays, in addition to answering your specific questions.

How long will I have access to the coaching materials?
You will have lifetime access to replays and your PVM meal plans.

What is the investment?
The regular price of Project Vibrancy Coaching is $997 for 12 weeks. I would love for you to join me and fellow PVMers for a discounted-for-you offer of 12 weeks for $798 (3 payments of $266) or 1 payment of $760. That’s a one-time 20% savings and less than $70/session.

How many people will be involved?
This program is intentionally small, focused, and here to help dig into your questions so I limit participation to just 12 people each time.

Project Vibrancy Coaching
3-Month Subscription
$266/month for 3 months  
Project Vibrancy Coaching
One-time payment of $760